“We always strive to do better and deliver our services with maximum effort.”



Emergency! Whatever your problem or need, we are here to help. Sometimes it's an emergency, sometimes things just aren't working properly, and sometimes its planning ahead for a known future need. Give us a call, and Chris will quickly & efficiently work with you to resolve all the problems or address your requirements, and so get you back on the right track as soon as possible.




Are you thinking of upgrading to Windows 10? Are you considering a new PC or tablet, and need help deciding which one? You know you need a (better) back up strategy, but not sure what to do?

Issues with internet connection, speed and service provider are a really common problem, and there are many options.

Do you have large music &/or photo collections that you want to get organised?

What is the Cloud?!! That's a common question, and one worth understanding as it can be very useful for activities like sharing and back up, and often either free, minimal cost, or as part of a software package.

Contact us for a consult at your home to find the best solutions for you.



Worst case scenario, the PC has crashed, or data has been lost. Important data, often with great personal value seems lost. Don't panic!
We have specialist tools and software specifically for the task of recovering your lost data. We can offer services from just the recovery of the data, to returning your PC or laptop to pre-crash conditions, or doing fresh operating system installs & upgrades &/or hardware upgrades as required.




PCs, laptops & tablets are capable of so much more than most people use them for. Often you might have specific ideas of something you want to learn & achieve, or you just feel that you'd really like to understand your device a lot better, so as to make better use of the investment you made in buying it.

Whether you are using Microsoft, Apple or Android devices, give us a call to see if we can help. We are specialists in both Microsoft & Apple Mac laptops & PCs, and in iOS portable devices like iPad & iPhone.

We organise iPad & Apple Mac training small group training sessions. Come and join a 3 hour, 2 to 3 person group session, including coffee & cake, for the great price of 25€ per person.

Take a look at some of our recent work:



Reported problems: Owning a 50+ room home, the customer wanted Wi-Fi throughout for paying guests, but had been quoted 2000€ elsewhere!


Chris used the demo network extending kit he carries to determine that 4 powerline network Wi-Fi points would cover the whole property. Once installed a week later, every room in the house had wi-fi for 1/10th of the other quote.



Reported problems: Customer had a 12 year old iMac, continually experiencing the spinning beach ball and hanging - it had become unusable, and a local shop had failed to fix it.


Chris took took the iMac offsite, and after a lot of testing, diagnosis, and data protection work, he installed a new hard drive and rebuilt the operating system from scratch. The customer was overjoyed to get back an iMac now working faster than the day it was delivered, with all his data and applications on it too.



Many customers have questions about Windows 10 upgrade, doing it safely, and not losing any valuable data! Others have old PCs that they are about to throw out. But for a small investment, they might be able to run Windows 10.


Everyone's situation is different, so Chris visits to discuss the customer's needs. He explains everything in simple terms, and then does all your upgrades, PC & operating system, to get you all up to date and working smoothly.